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5 Best Online Platforms to Start Providing 3d Modeling Services

Do you want to earn money on making 3d models? We’ve found out the best courses and platforms for you to start offering 3d modeling services. Check them out!

5 Best Online Platforms to Start Providing 3d Modeling Services

Online education is developing non-stop, and it gives a lot of opportunities for those who want to provide high-quality 3d modeling services in future. Before now, one had to buy 3d software and learn by clicking on different buttons and watching tutorials. And nowadays experts share their knowledge in a more understandable way. We’ve collected the best online platforms for you to start modeling. Take a look!


However, this platform is more general and isn’t focused directly on 3d modeling, there are some attractive courses. For example, 3D Studio Max for beginners and the same course focused on interior design. Blender is one more program explained on this website, and Udemy offers several lessons based on it. Of course, you won’t be able to create vehicles and exteriors like 3dreach, but it’ll be a good start.

The advantages of this platform:

  • The courses are taught on more than 50 languages;
  • All teachers and experts have great working experience in well-known or at least promising companies;
  • Udemy helps their graduated 3d visualization artists in finding a job.

CG Spectrum

A new online school offers courses on animation, 3d modeling and game programming. Their teachers’ names and projects inspire confidence in the future result. The represented mentors worked with Sony Pictures Animation, LUMA Pictures and Method Studios. So, this is a really good chance to become the best professional in providing 3d modeling services.

Autodesk Design Academy

This website offers 13 informative lessons to introduce newcomers 3d modeling. There’s no use for promising students they’ll become skilled artists, but this course gives a good start. More than 7000 people enrolled in these lessons – sounds reliable. Do you want to provide high-quality 3d modeling services?

How to start studying with Autodesk

  1. Open the website and find their 3D Modeling Course.
  2. Sign up and enroll for the course.
  3. Start the course step by step, the 1st one is already open.


Hese 3d visualization artists

Learn how to create heroes, equipment and environment in games, engineering and virtual reality with the most popular online educational platform. BIM and CAD won’t be mystical software for you anymore, and you’ll be able to provide 3d modeling services on the same level with 3dreach.


A consulting company, 3DMIRAGE created a 4-month online educational course for those who want to master 3d modeling software, practice while working on real projects and get work experience after studying. The testimonials prove that this course is really cost-effective.


Choose any of these courses if you’re a beginner, any information will give you a good base for future masterpieces. Good luck!