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Ways to a Successful Sales Promotion

It is said: Advertising directs the customer into the business, sales promotion measures motivate him directly to buy.

Sales promotion is thus an important instrument for stimulating sales. In this article you will learn how to use it correctly. For more information you can visit Techpoint Information Systems.

Sales promotion is Cash

Sales promotion means all actions that lead to a better sale of the product. Surprisingly, advertising is not counted, although it also indirectly increases sales.

In contrast to most forms of advertising, sales promotion measures usually start directly at the point of sale.

Tips for successful Sales Promotion

1. Design and Co.

The most important sales promotion is also the most obvious: The prospective buyer must be addressed in the best possible way. For you, this means that the point of sale should be consumer-oriented and inviting, i.e. it should be promoting consumption.

Of course, this is all about classic design rules, but there are also many other direct opportunities for action: Product samples, tastings and savings offers, for example, motivate the customer to buy, consciously and unconsciously.

2. The Digital Component

In the digital age, dealers are opening up completely new opportunities for sales promotion at the PoS. Digital services, such as QR Codes, which allow customers to scan product information, make shopping easier and promote the buying decision.

3. Maintain Customer Relationship

The once won customer must be taken care of, because winning a new customer costs you considerably more than keeping an “old” customer. So, consciously extend the customer lifecycle to minimize your costs.

It can make sense here to address the customer with personalized promotions and vouchers.

The best way to do this is through customer relationship management (CRM). Withdrawal and reimbursement offers, competitions and competitions are thus also personalized without problem.

A classic, but still effective measure is to send coupons for birthdays and organize exclusive events for loyal customers. In the end, it’s always about one thing: Show the customer that he cares about you!

4. Large Format Banner Ads

Good is good. This also often applies in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčadvertising and sales promotion: Well-made, large-format advertising banners still work wonders at the point of sale.

They have not lost their effect and still manage to attract attention and get potential customers to buy.

5. Put Love in your Work

Potential customers appreciate lovingly prepared products or a lifeblood point of sale.

The best products do not bother you if they are cluttered wildly on the counter, or simply carelessly arranged. A sales room, which is neglected by the dealer, gives the impression of inferior quality and that should be avoided at all costs.